Site Creator

Web & words

My name is Glenn Rees and I work with words
and web technologies.

Writing & editing

Experienced journalist and corporate writer and editor: I specialise in making complex topics like technology more accessible, but I've also covered everything from sport and lifestyle to business.

Content strategy

Successful content strategist in both content marketing and media: From ideas to research and planning to execution, I love telling stories and informing and helping people through content.


More than 15 years creating digital content: I've seen a lot of changes, but the fundamentals of digital remain the same – keeping learning, be creative and connect with the audience.

Web and technical stuff

Expertise in web design and development, SEO and web analytics, Drupal, WordPress and other content management systems, keeping up with the latest web technologies, Excel and many software applications: Yes, I'm a little geeky.


Currently Editor-in-Chief of and other business IT sites at nextmedia. Previous jobs include Senior Writer and Editor at Editor Group, Editorial Director and Electronic Publishing Director of ACP's tech titles, and Editor of PC User. My LinkedIn profile has more details.


Need help with anything related to words or the web? I may be able to help.